Marcello Allulli - sax

Enrico Zanisi - piano

Jacopo Ferrazza - bass

Valerio Vantaggio - drums



NORMA Ensemble was born during a three-days-long artistic residency, in collaboration with the Italian Festival Ambria Jazz 2019.

The project is the result of the hard work of musicians, organizers, photographers, video makers and all the stuff of the festival that made this ensemble become a reality.

On last October 2019, the group has just recorded its first album called Revelation, which will be released on February 2020 by the italian Label Promu.


Made of all original compositions by the four artists, the music of the quartet blends the different identities of each musician in a whole harmonic, stylistic and ideological unit. 

The quartet’s name intentionally refers to a cameristic approach of the music that includes influences from electronic to contemporary music from modern jazz to experimental rock.

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